10 fun facts

1. I can quote the entirety of Finding Nemo

2. 85% of my life is spent in scrubs or pajamas, but who's counting?

3. There is a crazy toddler who chases me around all day

4. Yellow flowers are my absolute favorite

5. My go-to wedding song request is the Cotton Eye Joe

6. I have had more Pinterest fails than I'd like to admit

7. People frequently tell me I have an old soul

8. I love the outdoors, but bonus points if there is water involved

9. My labrador and golden retrievers require me to lint roll 48397x a day

10. I could vacuum the floors all day, but about that laundry pile...

Hey there, I'm Cassie!

I live in Calvert County with my husband, toddler, and two dogs. Besides being a photographer, I am also an ICU nurse. My time as a nurse has taught me not to take life for granted. Although I have called Southern Maryland "home" for the majority of my life, I love exploring new places and meeting new people.

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